About Me:

I have a paralyzed vocal chord due to surgical complications. Initially, it was doubtful I would ever sing again, or even speak with a normal tone. After two years of challenges both medical and spiritual miracles occurred. Today I

sing with a large “Swing-Era” band.

This album of Christmas music was made to honor the Savior’s birth, and to underscore my gratitude

for His care.

Preparing this album, I faced additional surgery for cancer. Again, my ability to sing was in jejopardy. I went ahead and made this White Christmas album as a prelude to my career. My faith is, that complications not withstanding, it won't be my last.

(c)2012 Momza Music Co. USA

Email: AndreaSingsMusic@gmail.com

WHITE CHRISTMAS ALBUM: White Christmas, Irving Berlin Music Company. Happy Birthday Jesus, Gentry & Pennington, Universal Music-Z Songs & Sony/ATV Tree Publishing. When Love Was Born, Lewis, Hermes, Schultz, (c)2009 Crazy Romaine Music (ASCAP) et al. Praise Hymn Tracks, (P) 2010 Provident Label Group LLC.Christmas Time Is Here, Mendelson & Guaraldi, (c)1966 Mendelson Film Productions, Inc.Snow Globe City, (c)2012 words & music by Sam Densley.


-may all your Christmases be white...

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